Multicomponent injection molding at Torson

We have 16 unique injection molding machines that have been developed in-house and optimized for fast and easy multicomponent injection molding. These enable a full range of specialty applications.

Safely embed electronic components

glass grommet As an alternative to expensive and clunky enclosures, direct overmolding and embedding of electronic components is an interesting alternative. The important thing here is to keep the process temperature and injection pressures under control so that the sensitive conductive tracks and components are not damaged.

More about custom connectors

Hard-soft connections

The combination of hard and soft plastics allows entirely new applications that could never be achieved with one component. For haptic connections as well as for technical applications this process offers countless possibilities.

Even glass can be overmolded

MulticomponentInjectionMolding Glass has a whole range of unique properties. At the same time, this fragile material can only be processed with great expertise and the use of proprietary manufacturing processes. Placing a glass component in an injection mold and closing it with several tons of clamping force, and then overmolding it at high pressure, therefore requires quite a bit of skill and experience. Fortunately, with Willi Möller Glasbläserei, Torson has a strong partner in this area and can thus offer unique products.